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“(the) accused…heard two words he and his family had hoped for, but did not expect: Not guilty. “He said goodbye to our kids this morning,” said his wife…who wept loudly inside the courtroom of (the) Muskegon County Circuit Judge… after the verdict was read. Just prior to hearing the verdict, (the accused) – represented by Jeffrey P. West – turned around, looked at his wife and clutched her hand, then turned to face the jury. The not-guilty verdict was delivered to a packed courtroom. When the verdict was read, it was received with a loud applause from (the Accused’s) family.”


-Front Page Muskegon Chronicle re: Criminal Sexual Conduct Verdict



There are sex crimes, and then there are sex crime allegations – both of which are to be taken seriously.  These accusations can destroy lives, families, careers and ruin reputations.  Even worse, if you don’t have the proper representation, such allegations can increase your exposure to serious criminal charges, prison time and registry as a sex offender.


In Michigan, the majority of sex crimes are referred to by the law as Criminal Sexual Conduct or (CSC). There are four degrees to those crimes; The 1st Degree being the most serious and the 4th Degree, the least.  The penalties vary drastically depending on the severity of the offense charged. 1st Degree CSC (M.C.L. § 750.520b) (Felony; maximum penalty is up to life in prison, possible mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison, possible mandatory life without the possibility of parole; lifetime of electronic monitoring; registration as a sex offender). 2nd Degree CSC (M.C.L. § 750.520c) (Felony; maximum penalty of 15 years in prison; lifetime electronic monitoring in certain cases, registration as a sex offender). 3rd Degree CSC (M.C.L. § 750.520d) (Felony; maximum penalty of 15 years in prison; registration as a sex offender). 4th Degree CSC (M.C.L. § 750.520e) (Two-year “high-court” misdemeanor; maximum penalty of 2 years in jail; $500 fine, registration as a sex offender).


West & West Law represents client’s charged with the following Criminal Sex offenses in Muskegon:

  • Failure to Comply with the Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA)
  • Distributing, Possessing, Financing, or Promoting Child Pornography
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)
  • Child Sexually Abusive Materials
  • Child Sexually Abusive Activity
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
  • Rape (Forcible CSC)
  • Statutory Rape (Age-Based CSC)
  • Date Rape
  • Gross Indecency
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Solicitation

Sex Crime Cases Can be Won

Criminal Sexual Conduct cases, contrary to what you may have heard, can be beaten.  These cases generally have few witnesses.  Facts and the credibility of the evidence are of paramount importance. Forensic evidence is often not present so the case can turn into a battle of credibility. West & West Law will thoroughly explore the allegations and evidence in the case, interview witnesses, challenge the prosecutor’s case and evidence, and prepare a vigorous defense for trial.  Many times the accused makes statements to the police in an effort to clear their name. These statements to the police, friends or family can inadvertently be a key piece of evidence for the prosecution. Call Jeff West immediately when allegations are made, let us advocate for you.

Michigan Sex Crimes Require an Aggressive Approach

You are going to want a criminal lawyer to not only represent your case but to win it.

Understanding Michigan criminal law is the very beginning of the process, and our legal team’s dedication and expertise to Michigan Sex Crimes gives us an advantage for your defense.

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  • Premier defense service
  • Education on the legalities surrounding your case
  • Ongoing consulting to discuss your options
  • Dedicated attention to ensuring nothing regarding your case is overlooked
  • Seek sentencing options to keep you out of jail or prison
  • An attorney to speak on your behalf, shielding you from aggressive investigation tactics
  • And more


We take sex-based criminal cases seriously. That is why you will want to contact us at  West & West Law.

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Muskegon Law Attorney – Jeff West

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Attorney Jeff West, of West & West Law, has dedicated his 25-year career to criminal law.  Jeff has a proven criminal defense track record for thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases.  His experience as a former Prosecuting Attorney is critical in representing your case as a defense lawyer in a courtroom.  Jeff’s prosecutorial mindset is a significant asset to help his clients navigate the dangerous waters of the criminal justice system. Should your case ever have to go to trial, Jeff West is equipped with the jury trial and motion experience to defend your case aggressively. Litigating cases as a former prosecutor and as a defense lawyer, Jeff has the courtroom experience vital for your best defense possible for the facts of your case.

Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney

Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney

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