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West & West will continue our operations to the extent possible and allowed by law.  We are dedicated to continue our services to clients, and we are also accepting new cases as always. We are appearing in Court for those cases the Court is continuing to hear, for example, preliminary examination involving an incarcerated client.

We have modified our operations to conform with Governor Whitmer’s March 23, 2020 Executive Order, including operating remotely. Our designated workers, whose presence may be necessary to conduct minimum basic operations, pursuant to Section 4(b) of the Order, are Cheryl Tiles and Jeff West.  Our office phones will be answered 9am to 330pm Monday through Friday; we will return messages left on voicemail after hours.

We wish everyone safety and health during these difficult times.  Should you have a legal matter in criminal or family law, we encourage you to call us as we are taking phone calls and offering consultations over the telephone or zoom meeting and taking new cases as always.