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Specializing in criminal defense and family law in Muskegon and Ottawa county, Michigan

“(the) accused...heard two words he and his family had hoped for, but did not expect: Not guilty. “He said goodbye to our kids this morning,” said his wife...who wept loudly inside the courtroom of (the) Muskegon County Circuit Judge... after the verdict was read. Just prior to hearing the verdict, (the accused) – represented by Jeffrey P. West – turned around, looked at his wife and clutched her hand, then turned to face the jury. The not-guilty verdict was delivered to a packed courtroom. When the verdict was read, it was received with a loud applause from (the Accused's) family.”

-Front Page Muskegon Chronicle
The law offices of West & West Law in Muskegon, Michigan specializes in all aspects of criminal law and family law, including criminal sexual conduct, assault crimes from domestic violence to open murder, drug crimes, drunk driving offenses firearm and weapon charges, home invasion, robbery, larceny, embezzlement, divorce, child custody legal support, parenting time visitation, alimony spousal support, and division of marital property, and countless others. Protecting the rights of the accused is the firm's main priority and we explore all legitimate defenses necessary in pursuit of this goal.

With personal attention to every detail of the facts and law involved in each client's case, we strive to raise the probability of success in defending criminal charges; for over twenty years, we have achieved exceptional results by negotiated resolution and by trial. We will fight to deliver exceptional results to any client we agree to defend.

We regularly defend all serious criminal charges and family matters, including but not limited to:

Sex Crimes: Criminal Sexual Conduct, Sex Offender Registry Violations, Child Sexually Abusive Material, Computer Crimes.

Controlled Substances Offenses: Possession, Possession With Intent To Deliver, Manufacturing, Cocaine, Heroine, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and other Controlled Substance Offenses.

Weapons Offenses: Felon in Possession of a Firearm, CCW, Felony Firearm and other weapons offenses.

Assaultive Crimes: Open Murder, Manslaughter, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Assault with Intent to Murder or to Commit GBH less than Murder, Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Domestic Violence, Resisting & Obstructing

Theft Offenses, including serious crimes against persons: Home Invasion, Breaking & Entering, Embezzlement, Larceny, Retail Fraud, False Pretenses, Identity Theft, Financial Transaction Device offenses, Uttering & Publishing, Receiving & Concealing Stolen Property

OWI, OWVI Drunk Driving, Impaired Driving, DUI and Driving with the Presence of Drugs

Ethnic Intimidation

Family law: Divorce, Divorce in Michigan, Spousal support (alimony), Division of assets and debts, Child custody, Child support, Interest of Child, Parenting Time, Parenting Time Arrangements, and Alimony Spousal Support.

We also defend against many other felony and misdemeanor charges. We have defended thousands of cases; let our proven experience work for your family.
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